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Fitness Training

Fitness training include intense workout sessions in the gym. Trainers at She-Fit diligently assists you in the journey towards a healthy and fit body. The gym area is equipped with all necessary amenities that can help you meet your needs. Here are the various fitness regimes offered:

  • Cardio: the treadmills, ellipticals and indoor cycle bikes help in elevating your heart rate and the movement makes your muscles stronger.

  • Strengthening: these are exercises that help in strengthening your core. 

  • Functional workouts: with a mix of squats, lunges, etc these are compound workouts. This offers your body balance and wellness.

  • Pilates: this is a low impact workout regime that helps in improving the flexibility and alignment of your body.

  • Circuit training: a series of 8-10 exercises with little or no rest between each. This helps in engaging your core and keep your heartbeat going.

  • Personal training: the personal training sessions will be a combination of all the mentioned exercises with particular care and focus on certain areas of your body. 


Kids+ Kids Jr Zumba

With changing times, our little ones are going through huge changes in their lives too. Online- classes and homeschooling is killing the energy in them.

They choose to stay indoors playing in the computer or PlayStation and prefer watching television than stepping outdoors in the fresh air.

This makes them lethargic, obese, physically and mentally inactive.

Our Kids' Zumba Programme is a space for the little ones to come and have fun. Here they get to dance their hearts out, shed some energy and get back home with a refreshed mind.

Zin Harsha is a certified trainer for

Zumba kids+ Zumba kids jr and She-Fit is offering exciting sessions for your little ones for their physical and mental fitness.

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Zumba Sessions

Not everyone would be enthusiastic about following a strict regime at the gym. For those who are looking for a fun filled workout session, She-Fit offers you world class Zumba training lessons.


Zumba is a globally accepted exercise program designed by a Colombian choreographer. This is a great replacement of the complicated aerobic sessions which have been popular in the traditional fitness programs. It is observed that a proper Zumba training can help someone to lose enough amount of calories. This also offers you freedom to change the steps while losing those extra pounds.


Stress relief is a very important benefit of Zumba. The dance hour can make you sweat, leading to the release of certain chemicals in the brain. These can reduce the stress in your mind and help you relax. Mental health needs much attention like your physical health and Zumba fulfills both.


The steps in Zumba can help in getting your limbs and hips in shape. An hour of Zumba is said to burn 300-900 calories. Your body's flexibility will definitely increase with enough hours on the Zumba floor. This is an exercise routine which can be followed by people of all age groups.

 image by happyfitvegan from pixabay

Slimming Sessions

This is now a globally popular method of losing weight and getting in shape without harmful surgery or tiring hours in the gym. It is said that one sitting of a slimming session can show a difference of few centimeters in your body. 


She-Fit offers effective slimming sessions as per your comfort and timing. We have many satisfied customers who saw very notable changes in the shape and size of their body. 

Here are the different services offered in the slimming sessions at She-Fit:

  • Spot reduction: This is mainly done when you wish to reduce the fat in certain areas of your body.

  • Weightloss: Involves different series of sittings where you will lose considerable amount of weight to your preference.

  • Steam: Making the fat cells into your body reduce to water and free fat, which may be used up for your energy needs.

  • Vaccum therapy

  • Heating pad

Zumba has remained one of the best fitness regimes favoured by millions around the globe. It has easiness of dance routines and effectiveness of a daily work-out session. With custom designed music/songs and globally shared steps, Zumba is actively practised in several studios on a daily basis.

The classic Zumba has now been revamped into a hardcore dance-workout and named as the ZUMBA STRONG NATION. Including body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training has elevated the high-caloric burn and potential calorie afterburn (EPOC). 

This has proved to be beneficial regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Increased physiological training responses are a huge benefit of Zumba Strong Nation.

Zin Harsha is a certified trainer for ZUMBA STRONG NATION and is offering effective sessions to pump up your fitness journey.


Zumba Strong Nation

Certified Zumba Kids+Zumba Kids jr Trainer
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