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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The world as we know it is changing! The global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has caused the whole world to turn upside down. Everything is taken online! From shopping to schooling and everything that tags our daily life is being virtually built. As the Governments declared strict measures of lockdown, our routines have taken cover too. The daily gym sessions and workout hours have been comfortably forgotten. This can lead to a lot of weight gain issues leading to health problems. Apart from this, being less active can make you lethargic. This laziness will surely affect you in a wrong way.

How can we overcome this situation?

  • One simple method is by keeping a proper Time-Table. Yes! Just like good old school days. Rearrange your routine by setting a new timeline. While charting, make sure you include sufficient time for workout and exercise. Get proper sleep and eat at the right time.

  • Second thing is to tackle the situation by keeping a watch on what you are eating. It is truly enjoyable to experiment and cook new dishes every day. Especially as we are all indoors with our families. But, if you are someone who is concerned about your weight and health, curb yourselves from overeating the toothsome dishes.

  • The third step is keeping the spirits high and always being positive. Many of us will be feeling secluded by being away from the social life we always enjoyed. This can lead to negative thoughts and energy, making us feel more disappointed. But, you can stay out of this zone by making yourself engaged in different activities. Find new hobbies, dust out the old ones and restart the paused. Always stay positive, energetic and happy. Spread the joy!

How can She-Fit help?

She-Fit is arranging regular online/virtual work out sessions for our members and those who wish to be part of the team. We care for your body health and fitness, hence join in:

  • Zumba Sessions

  • Personal Training Sessions

For more details contact:

Zin Harsha Sumesh


Let us stay indoors, stay healthy and happy for each other. Simply because we are in this together! We will overcome!

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